Garth Taylor

The factor that defines the leaders of the pack in the music industry is a combination of a great voice and being able to write hits. 

This is completely true for the multi-talented Garth Taylor, the singer/songwriter from Johannesburg. South Africans first heard of Garth in 1998 with his single ‘Why’, which sat on the top of the charts for 5 consecutive weeks and is considered one of the classics in the South African song book. 
This hit was followed by ‘Only With You’, another chart topper which held the position for a commendable 6 weeks. Other well known songs that can still be heard on radio today include ‘If I Gave you My Soul’, ‘Home Again’, ‘Tonight’ and a cover of the smash country hit ‘Islands in the Stream’. 

Garth’s next collection of melodic tunes was ‘Stripped Down, Soul’d Out’, which also delighted fans and a number of tracks can be heard on main radio stations. An incredible stage presence, immaculate vocal deliver and strong songs make a Garth Taylor performance memorable and have fans asking for more. 

His great reputation as a live performer have earned him spots on the stage with a bouquet of international stars including Simply Red, Shaggy, Jonathan Butler and the late Brenda Fassie. 

Being committed to helping those in need, especially in view of the fact that Garth’s sister is suffering from cancer, he spends a fair amount of time helping raise funds and awareness for foundations that support cancer research and other elements of the dreaded disease. Garth is also actively involved in charities for abused women and children. 

Out of the studio, Garth is an avid fitness fanatic and kick-boxing is his second passion. Highly competitive, he can often be heard bantering with his peers, especially when they miss a session! 

2013 sees a Garth Taylor once again take to the South African music scene with full force. A new single "No Way" and new album are in the pipeline and Garth looks forward to releasing music that has a 2013 edge to it, yet still has the golden ‘Garth Taylor Thread’ that embroids his music.