"While the words Passion, Pain and Pleasure immediately invoke stimulating thoughts, for me they have become somewhat of a personal mantra because they so accurately describe this time in my life," says Happy. "The passion I have for my art fuels my drive and work ethic, while the sacrifice of my personal life to benefit my career will always be a source of pain. The pleasure that I derive from my work and my accomplishments makes everything worth it." he concludes.

Happy Mpendulo Mdunjana was born in Port Shepstone, is the second oldest of three siblings; younger brothers and older sister. He began singing at around the age of eleven when him and his childhood friends formed a boy group. They would perform in churches, school plays and local events, just to name a few, but immense recognition was established when they won the South African Championships of performing arts held in Rustenburg in 2001, where they got a chance to participate at the world championships of performing arts which were held in Hollywood. It all began to change drastically after he was introduced to Sphiwe Jula, a Port Shepstone music producer. That's when professional recording took a head start for the youngster, taking shape in growth and polishing his craft for some time. A number of events and accomplishments took place during that period, including the feature on the nation wide Jet compilation, but the break through came about when Dj Bongs, an established Durban dj, heard "Superstar" , a song composed by Happy which was later compiled in Bongz's album. Happy then went on to compose the hit song "Million times" which was featured on Dj Chynaman's album, Chynaman's House 2. The song created a major buzz and anticipation in the music industry and it became clear that an album release would soon take off. Building up to the anticipated album, Happy has finally released his first single; Belinda through Dreamer Music Entertainment (his new home), which has a new feel, much different from what he has done previously, the album is soon to be found in all music retailers. Happy displays effortless vocal dexterity while simultaneously relaying complex emotional depth and power. The throbbing, minimalist "Super Star" and the classic romance of "Belinda and Million times" reveal reflective and introspective themes of love and human relations. The album promises great soulful and dance music with possible collaborations from Culoe Da Song and Dj Qness. Happy also considers Michael Jackson as one of his biggest influences. He mentions that he respects his ability to reinvent himself and aspires to be even just a quarter as successful.