Sheree O’Brien
“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”

Behind the glitz and glamour, the music industry is a tough industry to work in. What looks like a life of champagne and bright lights is straight-up hard work – if there's one certainty it's that behind every star there is a very hard-working manager.

Behind the glitz and glamour, the music industry is a tough industry to work in. What looks like a life of champagne and bright lights is straight-up hard work – if there's one certainty it's that behind every star there is a very hard-working manager.

Sheree O'Brien aka The First Lady of SA House, needs no introduction. Her status of being the most influential women in the Dance Music scene is legendary. At only 28yrs old, Sheree O'Brien has ten years of experience behind her. This vivacious, hard-working talent is a lot more than a pretty face. Sheree earned her reputation as an artist manager, music promoter and event organiser in East London— running her own company, Splakavellis Management. Unlike other promotion companies, which have come and gone, Splakavellis is the only company of this nature to have ever had a successful base in the Eastern Cape, while managing and promoting artists based throughout the country such as legend DJ Mbuso, to name just one.

Having conquered East London she was quickly headhunted by one of the country's top independent dance labels, Soul Candi Records, as Marketing Manager. Sheree easily fitted in to a company made up of the industry's top names including Euphonik, Ricardo da Costa and Brett Jackson. 8 Months later, it was decided that Sheree, who has a natural talent for creating Super Stars, should head up an entire new label for the company and is now Head of SoulCandi Records Artist Development label! Not bad for a girl who started as a dancer.

Sheree started her journey in the music industry dancing for a popular group Mr Shakes and the Groove Masters and toured the country at 17. This is when her passion for all things musical was sparked. When she'd matriculated her parents pushed her to study Human Resources. 'Although I landed up getting distinctions and got offered a bursary, I couldn't carry on doing it because my heart wasn't in it.' It's clear that a passion for music runs through her veins.

Sheree exudes natural aristocracy, when she talks people listen. Her talent lies in helping others shine: a master of multi-tasking and a true media maverick— Sheree is very well-connected. Her defining strengths lie in communicating, networking and building strong working relationships within the industry. Sheree's incredible ability to illuminate others has created a huge demand for her skills.

She sees her role as a 'career manager'— she believes in developing artists as a brand to give their careers longevity. It's this fresh approach combined with ingenious and powerful marketing strategies that has made the industry recognise her presence, not to mention the people she has worked with.

She has managed the legendary late DJ, Brett Jackson, DJ Mbuso, DJ Claude, Dj China, Relo from Skwatta Kamp, Jub Jub, Pebbles, Noxolo Hlatshwayo and is currently managing Giggs Superstar & RJ Benjamin.

She also proved her skills in the production studio as well, by executive producing & co-compiling DJ Giggs Superstar first solo project titled "Sounds of a Superstar" in 2009. She then went on to executive produce & co-compile DJ Giggs Superstar's 2010 hit album "Deep House Chronicles 4 : Sounds of a Superstar".

Although she puts her artists at the forefront, her beauty has not gone un-noticed. She has modelled for various retailers at :
Fashion Shows - RJL, Edgars, Foschini, Miladys, Topics, Identity, Chess & a few bridal shows.
Photo Shoots – Edgars, Identity, Saprotex (International)
Publicity Features – Drum Mag x 2, Mamas N Papas Mag Cover & 5 pg feature, Ackermans Club Magazine, Cleo Mag, Destiny Mag, Sunday Sun x 2, Sunday World, Just, Daily Dispatch, Sistahood on ETV, LKG on Soweto TV, Selimathunzi and various radio interviews.

Brands are vying for her very versatile, Asian looks and her natural comfort in front of the camera. Sheree can do various looks, from teenager to diva to vixen & to sex goddess with ease. Insiders are always appreciative of the fact that she is so pleasant and easy to work with. No doubt she is a multi-talented individual.

Her blossoming career is not the only reason that Sheree is a role model. Her private battles in and out of an abusive previous relationship inspire women to break the shackles of silence and abuse. She displays considerable courage to talk about her life and what she has endured and offers advice and counsel to those in a similar situation.

- Sheree recently welcomed her first child into the world. Son Taylor O'Brien-Mnisi was born on 15 September 2010 and is the first baby to be sponsored by Adidas in SA.

– Sheree currently does Pro Bono PR for The Sunflower Fund organisation. An organisation very close to her heart, whom she got involved with after losing her artist and close friend, Brett Jackson to Hodgkins Lymphoma earlier this year.

Having recently given up her job at Soul Candi Records to focus on Splakavellis Manegement, her ambitious and vivacious nature sees Sheree wanting to branch out into TV & Radio Presenting and focusing on recording her artists in 2011.  No doubt with her personality, talent, brains and looks to match, it won’t take long for her to achieve her goals. Who wouldn’t want to see that face on their screens?!